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Bomb Threat Procedures

The following procedures are simplified.  Use common sense in all activities and responses.
A.  Person receiving the call should refer to the BOMB THREAT CALL CHECK LIST 
     (located at S:\19--Physical Plant\Emergency Procedures Book).
  1. Keep the caller on the line as long as possible but indicate to another member of the office staff by hand signal what is taking place.
  2. Have someone call 911 to get police to the site.  Police will coordinate the situation upon arrival.
B.  The Campus Dean or designee in charge of the building should determine the immediacy of the threat and take appropriate action.   Do not evacuate to the parking lot vehicles.  This could be the location of the bomb.  Move students and staff as far away from the building as feasible. Each campus will have their own specific evacuation plan that will not be publicized.
C.  Search Procedures
  1. Upon notification of evacuation, all staff should survey their area as they depart and report any suspicious objects to the responsible person(s) of their building.  IF SUCH AN OBJECT IS FOUND, IT IS NOT TO BE OPENED, OR TAMPERED WITH IN ANY WAY BY COLLEGE PERSONNEL.  IT MUST BE LEFT ALONE AND THE AREA CLEARED OF PERSONNEL. 
  2. Exterior Areas – Facilities Management should assist Emergency Personnel in checking:
  • Waste storage area
  • Doorways
  • Cars or vehicles near buildings
  • Fire escapes
Assigned personnel (Campus Dean and police department) need to secure doors to prevent unauthorized entry.
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