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Access Controls

  1. No College employee may loan his/her key to any non-employee at any time.  Keys will be provided as requested and recommended by supervisors on the basis of a defined need.  Requests must be made to the office of  Facilities Management.  Keys should be picked up by the individual to whom the keys are assigned. An "Assignment Card" will be signed by the employee and kept on file.  Employees will be required to verify their keys through their employment.
  2. These keys are the property of the College and are not to be transferred to another staff member.  At the termination of employment, all keys shall be returned to the Human Resources Office prior to receiving final paychecks.
  3. Students are not authorized access to keys.  Any exceptions to this procedure must have approval in writing from the Executive Director of Facilities Management.
  4. If any keys are lost or stolen, the supervisor and  Facilities Management shall be notified immediately.  If any neglect is found on the part of the employee, a fee of $75 will be assessed for a "single key lock."  For sub-masters/grand-masters, a fee will be assessed which is proportionate to the total cost of replacing all keys/locks affected by that particular "master" lock.
  5. An annual review of appropriate access areas for each employee shall be performed.
  6. Documentation of key operations.
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