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Academic Programs on the Estherville Campus

In addition to traditional face-to-face courses, some programs have an online option available. See chart (below) for programs that offer an online alternative.

  • Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.): Awarded to graduates of two-year Career and Technical Programs

  • Diplomas: Awarded to graduates of vocational programs of less than two years

  • Certificates: Awarded for completion of certain course sequences and some community and continuing education courses and programs

Program Name     Degree Online Availability
 Accounting Specialist  A.A.S., Diploma, Certificate 100%
 Aviation/Airport Management  A.A.S. N/A
 Business Administration & Management  A.A.S. 100%
 Computer Programming  A.A.S. N/A
 Criminal Justice  A.A.S. N/A
 Digital, Social & Broadcast Productions  A.A.S. N/A
 Electrical Technology  A.A.S. N/A
 Engineering Technology  A.A.S. N/A
 Environmental Studies  A.A.S. N/A
 Game Design & Development  A.A.S. N/A
 Graphic Design  A.A.S., Diploma N/A
 Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology  A.A.S. N/A
 Human Services/Disability Studies  A.A.S. 100%
 Paralegal/Legal Studies  A.A.S. 100%
 Photography  Diploma N/A
 Substance Abuse Counseling  A.A.S.  75%+
 Water Quality & Sustainable Aquatic Resources  A.A.S., Diploma N/A
 Web Development & Design  A.A.S. N/A
 Wind Energy & Turbine Technology  A.A.S., Diploma N/A
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