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Transfer Checklist


Planning is the key to a smooth transfer.  Starting early will give you time to make the choices and decisions needed in the process.  It is not too early to begin planning during the first semester at Iowa Lakes.  The following checklist can be used as a guide to transfer from Iowa Lakes Community College.


Discuss transferring with your Iowa Lakes advisor or counselor.   Talk about your interests and goals.  Ask the advisor/counselor for any suggestions as they relate to your interests and goals.  The Iowa Lakes Career Planning and Counseling web pages can be helpful in selecting careers or in decision making.

Select Transfer College

Select the four-year college(s) to which you may want to transfer.   Research them on the Internet or write for information.  Try College Search Sites or Transfer Guides to begin the search.  Also, visit with college representatives when they are on campus.

Request Information

Request transfer information, catalogs, and applications from the colleges of your choice.  Some of this information may be in the counselor's office or library.

Requirements & Deadlines

Find out about transfer requirements, application deadlines, housing applications, and financial aid from the selected colleges.

Plan Iowa Lakes Courses

Review your transcript at Iowa Lakes Community College for courses that will meet the requirements of the transfer college.  Plan the courses that you can take for transfer credit.

Visit the Transfer College

Make a visit at the college(s) you have chosen. For best results, call ahead and make an appointment asking to meet with the department in which you plan to major.  Take notes and ask about courses you should take at Iowa Lakes Community College.

Send Application

Complete and send application for admission, housing, scholarships, and financial aid.  Remember the deadlines!  Early registration may be dependent upon your acceptance first.

Send Transcripts

Have your transcripts (academic & financial aid) sent to the transfer college.  You may need to send a high school transcript as well.

Attend Orientation

Participate in Orientation / Registration Days at the transfer college that are usually designed for transfer students.  The usual procedure is to be invited if you have been accepted for admission.

Register Early

Register early, check out housing, and talk to the transfer advisor in you major department.

Send Final Transcripts

Have a final transcript sent after completing courses at Iowa Lakes Community College

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