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Parent Resources | Moving Away From Home

Moving Away From Home

Helping your child prepare to live on their own for the first time can be particularly challenging for parents. While you may have discussed finances and study habits, for many students, college represents the first time they will pay their own rent and utility bills, and buy their own groceries and household supplies. They’ll discover that all of the amenities they take for granted at home cost money, and that they’ll need to stick to a budget while living on their own.  Where your child lives may depend on several factors, including the availability of student housing, the cost of living on-campus and off, and the safety of the surrounding neighborhoods. If available, your child may choose to live on campus in a dorm.  Apartments are another option. They may also want to live at home, which is financially convenient if they are attending school locally or online.

Moving away from home tips for parents:

  • Be proud of your students.
  • Enjoy the summer, because peace and quiet can be loud and startling to adult ears.
  • Teach them how to balance a checkbook and how to budget their money each month.
  • Discuss the financial basics such as who is responsible for paying what and how financial exchanges will be made.
  • Teach them how to do laundry.
  • Remind them that you want to learn about their experiences at Iowa Lakes and communicate with them.
  • Encourage them to explore interests and passions and to talk with advisors, career counselors and others along the way.
  • Communicate about how often you expect to hear from your student. Be reasonable, because your student will get busy! Once a week is often a good base to work from.
  • Know that saying goodbye can be difficult and there are others who are sharing your experience. It helps to talk about it.
  • Do not immediately change their home space. Their bedrooms mean a lot to them.
  • Do not be surprised if brothers and sisters who used to fight miss one another a lot.
  • Take time for yourself. You have done a great job and should reward yourself.
  • Trust them. They have learned a great deal from you.
  • Be prepared for the changes that come with growth. You will be growing and changing, too.
  • Come to campus to visit them from time to time. Phone first. Let them show you their new world.
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