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Give a Worksite Tour

Lead students on a tour of your facilities to show them the various career opportunities available across all aspects of your business.  Here are some suggestions for a successful worksite tour:

Part 1: The Tour

Share your typical day on the job.  Show where different people work in your business and what they do.

Point out the various careers available within your company, i.e. administrative, accounting, sales, manufacturing, technical, human resources, and so on and the education they require.

Stress the importance of employability skills such as attire, attendance, punctuality, and workplace etiquette.

Discuss what you look for in a potential employee.

Part 2: Talk to the Team

Discuss your background and why you chose your career, and have other members of your team meet briefly with the students.

Address what people in your office enjoy most and least about their careers.

Explain what education and training is required to get started on this career path and to continue to develop professionally.

Part 3: Questions

Remember that the students are just beginning to think about their future and are looking at your professions as a possible career choice.  Teachers are trying to connect what students are learning in the classroom with what they will use in the workplace.  Students receive guidelines and suggested questions for use during the tours, but may still feel overwhelmed.  Please do not be offended if they are quiet!  Sometimes, rewarding students for asking questions with candy or other small prizes helps to encourage discussion.

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