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Be a Classroom Career Speaker

Share your career path and experience with a small group or an entire classroom.  Career speakers open students’ minds to opportunities they may never have considered, as well as inform them about educational and experiential requirements for your particular career field.  You’ll enhance your company’s reputation by positioning yourself high in the minds of local teachers, students and parents, and you will have a positive influence on the link between education and employment.

Tips for a Successful Career Presentation

  • Explain how you developed an interest in your career.
  • Give examples of how students may prepare for their future careers.
  • Describe your job responsibilities, and what personality types fit well with your specific job.
  • Bring examples of your work or important tools you use to perform your job.
  • List the qualifications or training skills necessary for your career.
  • Stress the importance of education and training as a means to obtain goals.
  • Use as many personal anecdotes as possible.  Students identify with stories.
  • Emphasize the importance of teamwork in today’s business environment.
  • Describe your workplace, work hours, and responsibilities of your job.
  • Talk about the impact that technology has had on your career and how it will continue to impact the future.
  • Share the advantages/challenges of your job.
  • Discuss the importance of and strategies for problem solving.
  • Discuss the future growth of your profession.  What will your job be like in ten years from now?


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