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Connect Student Evaluation Form

We are interested in collecting constructive feedback to help improve future job shadowing experiences for host and students. We are interested in the long-term success of these job opportunities for students and would appreciate you filling this out to provide information on your experience. All information will be kept confidential.

* Indicates a required field
Grade Level:
My job shadow experience helped me decide to pursue further training and education in this field.:
My job shadow experience helped me form a connection between my high school courses and how they apply to the world of work.:
My job shadow experience helped me to understand the relevance of making professional career related relationships (networking skills).:
My job shadow experience increased my awareness of career opportunities in my community/Iowa.:
My job shadow experience positively influenced my decision to live and work in Iowa.:
My job shadow experience provided valuable information regarding my career interest.:
Easy to interact with job shadow host.:
My host was able to answer my questions.:
This job shadow impacted my choice of a college major.:
This experience impacted my choice of high school classes.:
I enjoyed this experience.:
Would you recommend a job shadow experience to another high school student?:
Overall my job shadow experience was helpful. (If no, please explain in the suggestions box below):

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Molly Hamilton at 712-362-0441 or  You may also e-mail or fax this evaluation to 712-362-0480.

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