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About Us

Iowa Lakes Community College hosts the Intermediary Regional Network. The primary function of the Network is to strengthen the relationships between education and industry by:

  • facilitating work-based learning experiences — such as job shadowing, internships, and worksite tours — for high school students, faculty, and staff
  • leading and coordinating professional development opportunities  — particularly those focusing on career readiness, career exploration, career interest alignment, decision-making skills, and core curriculum plans — for high school faculty and staff
  • educating students about various careers, professions, and skills through “Career Ticket” sessions
  • providing a virtual “one-stop”contact website that provides information about careers, workplace learning opportunities, skill needs, industry credentialing, salary and wage data, career pathways, and secondary programming, including programs of study
  • facilitating “needs alignment” workshops between education and industry in order to maximize career readiness
  • leading “Big Picture” initiatives and discussions among community leaders in an effort to enhance regional economic development and to strengthen the ability of rural communities to compete in a global environment
  • facilitating regional advisory council meetings and activities

At the end of each year, the college will report outcome data, which will include:

  • Number of Secondary Districts and Schools in Region
  • Number of Secondary Districts and Schools Served in Region
  • Number of Secondary Students in Region
  • Number and Demographics of Secondary Students Served in Region
  • Number and Types of Workplace Learning Experiences in Region, Categorized by Workplace Learning Activity, Career Cluster, and Targeted Industries
  • Number of Internships in Region, Categorized by Paid and Unpaid
  • Number and Specific Roles of Employers Actively Involved in Partnerships in Region
  • Number of Secondary Teachers and Counselors Involved in Teachers-in-the-Workplace Experiences in Region
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