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Why is an anonymous report beneficial?

  • Iowa Lakes Community College and local law enforcement officials are aware that many sexual assault victims are unwilling to report to the police for a variety of reasons. Often, the victim does not want to report right away because they are uncertain about the reactions of family, friends, and others they may speak to about it. A few days, weeks, or months later, when the picture becomes clearer to them, a victim may want to report but then feels it is too late. Submitting this report may help victims take a first step in the reporting process, making it easier to come forward later if they choose. 
  • Anonymous reports have been able to reveal trends in sexual assault by identifying a common suspect, location of concern, or other common denominator. 
  • Iowa Lakes Community College and local law enforcement would like to gain intelligence and a truer picture of the local incidence and perpetration of sexual assault in our community. 
  • Some victims are ONLY interested in notifying authorities of a potential harm in the community or sharing the facts of a sexual assault and they have no plans to ever make a formal report to law enforcement. This report allows for that. 

Most importantly, Iowa Lakes Community College wants victims of sexual assault to know there are free medical and counseling resources available to them whether they report to law enforcement or not, and we want victims to take advantage of those resources as well.

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