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Blue Note Club

In years past, a group called the Friends of Music supported the Music Department and student-musicians with their generous contributions and donations. Due to a tremendous  need by our students, we are bringing that group back to life and renaming it the Blue Note Club.

At Iowa Lakes, we believe the greatest gift a student can receive (besides an awesome education!) is a scholarship. Scholarships provide tremendous opportunities and financial assistance to deserving students. Your gift to music scholarships through the Blue Note Club will make a significant difference in the lives of our student-musicians and ensure that deserving students who wish to attend Iowa Lakes are not left behind because of economic constraints.

More than 70 percent of the students who attend Iowa Lakes Community College qualify for financial assistance. They are hard working student-musicians who are simply trying to improve their lives by furthering their education. Most of our student-musicians have jobs and work outside of school to make ends meet. For them, a scholarship could move them toward graduation and a job that would make them productive citizens, plus allow them the opportunity to be part of the Music Department and the various ensembles. The Iowa Lakes Music Scholarship Fund has been very important to all who benefit from these scholarships.

The Blue Note Club is comprised of four different levels of support: 

Maestro - $1,000 and over
Virtuoso- $500-999
Composer - $250-$499
Prodigy -  under $249

Scholarship donations to the Iowa Lakes Foundation ( Music Scholarship Fund) are tax deductible to the full extent of the law under Section 115 of the Internal Revenue code.

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