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Student Testimonial: Troy Larson

Student Testimonial: Troy Larson

Troy Larson rarely took academics seriously. That is, until he attended Iowa Lakes in 1991. 

“For the first time, I took academics serious. Iowa Lakes gave me the confidence to know that academically I could get it done,” said Larson. 

Larson grew up in Mallard, Iowa, and decided to attend Iowa Lakes in order to challenge himself in the classroom and on the basketball court. 

“I knew Iowa Lakes would make me better, and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made,” stated Larson. 

“My goals while a student at Iowa Lakes were to complete a business degree while getting the best grades possible and then transfer to a four year school,” said Larson. “Athletically, my goals were to help Iowa Lakes win as many games as possible and to receive a full ride scholarship to continue playing,” he added.

Larson was able to accomplish most of his goals he had set for himself. He was able to transfer to Morningside College and NCAA division 2 school with a full ride scholarship. 

“This was very important to me and my family financially,” he said. “I did not have a full ride scholarship offer coming out of high school, but had numerous coming out of Iowa Lakes,” he added.

Since graduating in 1993 with an Associate in Arts Degree, Larson has earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree through South Dakota State University. 

His favorite campus activity, or college involvement, at Iowa Lakes was playing Basketball. 

“Coach Grems was a great coach and taught me so much about the game of basketball and how to be a college athlete,” he said. 

Larson had a great time playing basketball at Iowa Lakes and finished 2nd in the country as a freshman and lost in the regional championship as a sophomore.

“I played with and against great players which challenged me on a daily basis to get better. I learned how to compete, which is a life skill I use daily as an adult,” Larson stated. “Through Basketball, I understood that through hard work, I could play at a high level and be successful,” he added.

Larson was named first team all American and academic all American at the conclusion of his sophomore year. 

“Roger Harms, Tony Stubbs, and Carol Ayres were faculty members that had a great influence on me as well,” he stated.

Scholarships he received while at Iowa Lakes, included: Century Club for Athletics, and Presidential for Academics. 

Troy has been back at Iowa Lakes as Athletic Director, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, and Housing Director for the last 9 years. 

“Still the great place it was when I was a student. I am amazed by the quality of individuals in our athletic department and within our institution,” he states. “What an awesome job to be able to help young adults get better and have a chance for a better life,” Larson added.

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