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Student Testimonial: Natalie Rosenberg

Student Testimonial: Natalie Rosenberg

I had the great opportunity to attend the Professional Photographers of Iowa’s Fall Convention.

Throughout the 24 hours I was there, I learned an immense amount. There were two main speakers, a trade show, a print competition, and much more. With the speakers I was educated in posing from a single person to a very large group. (Also, I learned) how to market and advertise my business.

At the trade show I was able to go to different booths and talk to people about their products, finding out which would be the best for me.

Sunday, everyone watched three master photographers judge the print competition. This was absolutely fascinating to me, watching the judges go over each print and knowing exactly what they are looking for to make a merit print. 

I am very grateful for the chance to start making connections, as a student, with other photographers. I met wonderful people willing to help me with any struggle I would have.

I finally made the decision to become a member of Professional Photographers of Iowa. I know that I need to make an investment in myself and be part of an organization where I will be mentored and gain experience of photography. 

I want to thank Dave Petrick and Iowa Lakes for providing me with a chance to further my education.

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