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Student Testimonial: Dan Goebel

Student Testimonial: Dan Goebel

Name - Dan Goebel

Major/Program at Iowa Lakes - Sales & Marketing Management 

Year graduated from Iowa Lakes - 1998

Current Occupation - Development, Marketing and Enrollment Director for Spalding Catholic School

Scholarships received - don't recall off the top of my head

Favorite campus activity or college involvement - Leadership team / Student Council: We planned activities and events for students, DECA team, intramural sports, playing cards in the dorms, and many other activities! 

Favorite college instructor/professor/staff - Mrs. Denise Reimer (her husband, Greg, was great too).  Really, I don't think I had a teacher I didn't like! 

How did your time at Iowa Lakes prepare you for your career or further education? - I appreciated the hands-on learning that I received at Iowa Lakes.  We learned from the textbooks, but we also applied that knowledge to real life scenarios.  I really enjoyed how Denise taught in a practical, yet creative manner.   One of the quotes I remember hanging in our classroom (and Denise referred to from time to time) was "Good enough never is!".  I've tried to live and work as if I can always give or do better.


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