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Orientation & Registration Day

Orientation & Registration Day

Summer Orientation to Iowa Lakes comes in two parts:

1.  Orientation and Registration

All new freshmen are invited to one of Iowa Lakes' campuses during the summer for an Orientation and Registration Day. If you have been accepted at Iowa Lakes, you will receive a personal letter informing you of the various Orientation and Registration Days during the summer.

Family and friends may accompany you while you tour the campus, meet fellow students, ask questions, talk to your advisor, and register for classes. See the Orientation Schedule for dates.

On orientation day, you will be assigned an advisor in your area of interest. If you are undecided, your advisor will help you explore a variety of areas. In such cases, your advisors will explain the programs available and usually urge you to explore a variety of courses.

2.  College 101 (First Day activities)

Orientation continues the first day of the fall term, with College 101 activities. You will be informed of college procedures and become acquainted with other students. You will meet with your advisor, pay your tuition and fees, and complete registration, if needed. This is an important activity in guaranteeing your college success.

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