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Web Development & Design Program Curriculum

Click on the course numbers to view the catalog course descriptions. Courses listed in parentheses are suggested courses to meet that requirement.

Term 1
Course No Course Title Credits
CIS-125 Intro to Programming Logic w/Language 3
NET-122 Computer Hardware Basics 3
GRA-234 Dreamweaver Level I 3
CIS-332 Database and SQL 3
MAT-140 or Finite Math 3
MAT-157 Statistics  
PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology 3
  Total Credits - Term 1 18
Term 2
Course No Course Title Credits
ENG-105 English Composition 3
  Science 4
NET-140 Networking Essentials 4
CIS-204 Intro to Website Development 3
GRA-234 Dreamweaver Level II 3
  Total Credits - Term 2 17
Term 3
Course No Course Title Credits
GRA-932 Web Development Internship 4
  Total Credits - Term 3 4
Term 4
Course No Course Title Credits
GRA-140 Digital Imaging 3
GRA-162 Web Page Graphics 3
JOU-173 Digital Photography 3
SPC-101 Fundamentals of Oral Communications 3
GRA-325 or Digital Color Theory 3
CSC-161 C++  
  Total Credits - Term 4 15
Term 5
Course No Course Title Credits
ART-101 or Art Appreciation 3
MMS-101 Mass Media  
GRA-166 Web Animations 3
GRA-121 Digital Drawing 3
GRA-141 Digital Imaging II 3
MKT-110 Principles of Marketing 3
  Total Credits - Term 5 15
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