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Game Design & Development Curriculum

Game Design

Click on the course numbers to view the catalog course descriptions. Courses listed in parentheses are suggested courses to meet that requirement.

1st Semester
Course No Course Title Credits
CIS-125 Intro to Programming Logic w/Language 3
CIS-332 Database and SQL 3
GRA-234 Dreamweaver Level I 3
NET-122 Computer Hardware Basics 3
MAT-157 OR Statistics OR 4
MAT-120 College Algebra 3
ENG-105 Composition I 3
  Total Credits - 1st Semester 18-19
2nd Semester
Course No Course Title Credits
CIS-204 Intro to Website Development 3
CIS-141 Computer Science 3
NET-142 Networking Essentials 3
MAT-140 OR Finite Math OR 3
MAT-130 Trigonometry  
ENG-106 Composition II 3
PSY-111 Intro to Psychology 3
  Total Credits - 2nd Semester 18
Summer Semester
Course No Course Title Credits
CIS-941 Practicum 4
  Total Credits - Summer Semester 4
3rd Semester
Course No Course Title Credits
CIS-146 Introduction to Video Game Development 3
CIS-147 3D Level Design for Games 3
CIS-166 C++/C# for Game Developers 3
CIS-366 Game Development I 3
SPC-101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3
PHI-114 Critical Thinking 3
  Total Credits - 3rd Semester 18
4th Semester
Course No Course Title Credits
CIS-148 3D Modeling & Character Animation 3
CIS-367 Game Development II 3
GRA-166 Web Animations 3
  3 credit Humanities choose from courses such as MMS-101, PHI-105 3
PHS-113 Intro to Physical Science 4
SOC-110 Intro to Sociology 3
  Total Credits - 4th Semester 19
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