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Game Design & Development

Game Design

Real Gaming Experience, Real Life.

That’s what you can expect when enrolling in the Game Design and Development program at Iowa Lakes. The modern world is becoming more geared toward interactive gaming and technology, resulting in a higher demand for workers with skills and knowledge on how to implement these aspects into the industry. If you’ve always wanted to work in gaming, now is the time.

Whether you choose to become a developer, designer, game tester or programmer, you’ll learn the ropes of the role in a hands-on work environment through our program. Start your gaming portfolio by creating a fully-functional 3D game as part of your final project. Enter the workforce with proof of your technical training and experience.

Acquire training in: 

  • Computer Hardware Basics
  • Computer Science
  • Video Game Development
  • 3D Level Design for Games
  • Web Animations

Game Design & Development Program Outcomes

  1. Apply the essential elements of a game to projects
  2. Design dynamic, engaging 2d and 3d environments
  3. Construct dynamic, engaging 2d and 3d environments
  4. Write efficient C++ programs using standard data structures and algorithms
  5. Develop games using industry standard game engine technology
  6. Design 2d and 3d graphical assets and aminations in a variety of game development projects
  7. Incorporate 2d and 3d graphical assets and aminations into a variety of game development projects
  8. Implement efficient persistent storage mechanisms for player data
  9. Utilize event driven programming to accept and respond to user input
  10. Experiment with emerging game development technologies related to virtual and augmented reality
  11. Improve code accuracy by using standard debugging tools and testing methodologies
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