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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

Real Environmental Experience, Real Life.

That’s what you can expect when enrolling in the Environmental Studies program at Iowa Lakes. High concerns over habitat loss and declining fish and wildlife populations have created a growing interest in the long-term sustainability of natural resources. Prepare for a rewarding career in natural resource management while studying environmental science. 

Whether you choose to pursue a career in fisheries and wildlife biology, forestry, park management or soil conservation, you’ll enter the workforce with a strong understanding of  ecological and resource management concepts. On-the-job work experience through the summer internship along with program coursework will equip you with the professional skills needed to excel in this wide field with various opportunities.

Acquire training in: 

  • Web page design
  • Word processing
  • Computer applications
  • Keyboarding
  • Calculating management
  • Transcription 
  • Accounting

Environmental Studies Program Outcomes

  1. Apply Natural Resource Management principles to ensure ecosystem and public health
  2. Translate the connections between humans and the environment
  3. Articulate the history of human activities and their impact on the environment
  4. Demonstrate scientific methods to collect and analyze environmental data
  5. Effectively communicate sound environmental practices to key stakeholders
  6. Differentiate the role of local, state and federal environmental law and policies
  7. Discriminating between career options available in the environmental field
  8. Value the role of environmental stewardship in the sustainability cycle

Federal and state standards in environmental quality analysis and pollution control have created occupations for individuals that have the knowledge to monitor, measure, analyze, and report the presence of various environmental pollutants. These occupations include working for municipal water processing and wastewater treatment facilities, environmental testing laboratories, and state and federal regulatory agencies.

For a career in this area, you need to be familiar with the sophisticated equipment and analytical techniques presented in the environmental science option of the Environmental Studies program.
On-the-job work experience during the summer Internship combined with course work from the school year provides students with professional skills needed to excel. You have opportunities to monitor air and water pollutants, conduct environmental research at the Iowa Great Lakes, and study the ecology of northwest Iowa’s many prairies, forests, marshes, natural lakes, and river systems.

Following is the suggested sequence of courses for an Associate in Applied Science degree in the Environmental Studies program.

Developmental studies courses may be required before you can enroll in college English or mathematics.

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