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Paralegal / Legal Studies Program Curriculum

Paralegal /  Legal Studies

Click on the course numbers to view the catalog course descriptions. Courses listed in parentheses are suggested courses to meet that requirement.   

Freshman Fall Semester
Course No Course Title Credits
ENG-105 English Comp I 3
CSC-110 Intro to Computers 3
LGL-230 Criminal Law & Procedure 3
LGL-120 Intro to Law & Paralegal 2
LGL-122 Legal Ethics 2
LGL-250 Family Law  3
  Total Credits - Fall Freshman 16
Freshman Spring Semester
Course No Course Title Credits
LGL-121 Law Office Software 1
LGL-154 Legal Research 4
LGL-180 Torts & Litigation 3
LGL-210 Contract Law 3
ENG-106 English Comp II 3
SPC-101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3
  Total Credits - Spring Freshman 17
Sophomore Fall Semester
Course No Course Title Credits
ACC-261 *Income Tax  Accounting OR 3
BUS-183 *Business Law  
LGL-140 Wills, Trusts and Estate Administration 3
LGL-161 Legal Writing 4
POL-111 Social Science (American National Government)  3
PHI-114 Humanities (Critical Thinking) 3
MAT-110 Math (Math for Liberal Arts) 3
  Total Credits - Fall Sophomore 19
Sophomore Spring Semester
Course No Course Title Credits
LGL-205 *Employment Law OR 3 or 4
LGL-200 *American Trial Process OR  
ACC-131 *Principles of Accounting (4 credits) OR  
ACC-261 *Income Tax Accounting  
BUS-250  Principles of Real Estate  3
LGL-242 Civil Procedure & Practice 3
HIS-152 Social Science (United States History) 3
CHM-190 Science (Introduction to Forensic Chemistry) 4
  Total Credits - Spring Sophomore 16
Summer Semester
Course No Course Title Credits
LGL-942 Legal Assistant Practicum 2
  Total Credits - Summer 2
Additional Information
*Students need to take 2 of the 5 courses listed below:
American Trial Process, Business Law, Principles of Accounting, Income Tax Accounting or Employment Law
Students must complete an Internship of 2 credits
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