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Paralegal / Legal Studies

Paralegal /  Legal Studies

Real Legal Experience, Real Life.

That’s what you can expect when enrolling in the Paralegal & Legal Studies program at Iowa Lakes. In our program, you’ll not only learn about wills, lawsuits and other legal situations paralegals are involved with, you’ll actually learn how to do the tasks you’ll be doing in those situations.

Gain experience writing wills and drafting lawsuits through a law-office internship. Develop the practical skills needed to gain employment in a law firm, insurance company or government agency. Many local employers look to Iowa Lakes in order to fulfill their employment needs. When the time comes, you’ll be fully prepared to thrive as a paralegal.

Acquire training in: 

  • Legal Ethics
  • Torts and Litigations
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Employment Law

Paralegal/Legal Studies Program Outcomes

  1. Analyze case law and statues to apply legal principles to factual situations.
  2. Communicate effectively through client interviews and telephone and written correspondence with attorneys, clients, witnesses and court personnel.
  3. Execute a research plan by locating both print and electronic sources of case law, statues, administrative regulations and constitutional provisions.
  4. Draft demand letters, pleadings, legal memoranda, and legal forms utilizing appropriate legal theories and applying to factual situations with correct citations.
  5. Ethically perform the duties of a paralegal.
  6. Perform law office management functions, such as billing, docketing systems, conflict checks and e-filing court documents.
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