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Water Quality Technician Diploma Curriculum

Water Quality & Sustainable Aquatic Resources

NEW Curriculum starting Fall 2019

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Term 1
Course No Course Title Credits
EVS-173 Introduction to Water Resources 3
SER-116 Career Seminar I 1
ELE-119 Basic Electricity I 4
EVS-275 Water Analysis 5
MAT-743 Technical Mathematics 3
SER-114 Blueprint Reading 1
SER-124 Industrial Safety & Workplace Environment 1
  Total Credits - Term 1 18
Term 2
Course No Course Title Credits
SER-230 Maintenance & Repair of Pumps & Valves  3
COM-753 Technical Communications 3
EVS-274 Water Processing OR 5
   EVS-284    Wastewater Treatment  
ELE-195 Motor Control 3
EVS-225 Collection & Distribution Systems 3
BUS-161 Human Relations OR 3
   PSY-111    Introduction to Psychology  
   SOC-110    Introduction to Sociology  
  Total Credits - Term 2 20
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