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Water Quality Technician

Water Quality & Sustainable Aquatic Resources

In the past several decades, the management of water resources has become one of the most pressing issues facing human civilization.  

On a global scale, water shortages and chronic water pollution problems have grown to epic proportions.  Even in the United States, a country with one of the most sophisticated water resources management programs in the world, concern is growing over water quantity and water quality issues.  

As concern over these issues has grown, so too have the career opportunities for individuals trained in water quality technology. Students take water samples.

Water quality technology is a branch of environmental science that deals with the analysis of water pollution and the technologies that are used to control or eliminate these water pollutants.

After exploding on the employment scene in the early 1970’s with the passage of numerous pieces of federal legislation such as the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act, water quality technology has grown into a major component of our daily lives.

While careers in water quality technology are available at the city, state, and federal levels, most employment opportunities currently involve working for municipalities. As many municipal employees reach the end of their careers, entry level jobs have become very common as cities look for individuals to replace these retirees.

As a result of this trend, graduates with a degree in this field can expect an abundance of employment opportunities which offer highly competitive wages and excellent benefit packages.

Students who are looking for a rewarding technical career should give consideration to pursuing an education in the water quality technology field.

Such an education can currently be pursued at Iowa Lakes Community College through enrollment in the Water Quality and Sustainable Aquatic Resources Program.

By taking the courses offered in this program, students receive the training and education needed to enter into the water quality technology field straight out of college.

Course work includes specialized water quality classes, as well as courses work in science, math, and industrial technology which will prepare you for entry into a rewarding and exciting career.

While enrolled in the Water Quality and Sustainable Aquatic Resources Program, students also have an opportunity to complete a summer internship to gain hands on experience in their chosen career area.

Common practicum sites include municipal water processing and wastewater treatment facilities as well as rural water systems and private environmental testing facilities.

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Students take water samples outdoors.

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