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Boat and Watercraft Technician

Marine Service Technology

Real Recreational Equipment Repair Experience, Real Life.

That’s what you can expect when enrolling in the Boat and Watercraft Technician program here at Iowa Lakes. Through classroom and lab experience, you’ll develop competence in repairing the most modern recreational equipment. Master the skills needed to pursue a career in marine engine technology.

You may also choose to take more business management courses in the second year of the program. If you dream of one day owning your own recreational equipment repair business, this path may be a great fit for you. Whether you choose to work in a marina, snowmobile dealership or own your own business, you’ll establish a strong foundation of skills and understanding of recreational equipment repair right here at Iowa Lakes. 

Acquire training in: 

  • Power Generators
  • Marine Rigging
  • Personal Watercraft Systems
  • Snowmobile Systems
  • Marine Advanced Fuel Systems

Boat and Watercraft Technician Program Outcomes

  1. Identify the operational relationships in marine, snowmobile and watercraft components and systems.
  2. Select appropriate tools and equipment for the task being performed.
  3. Demonstrate effective use of industry related literature to perform proper repairs.
  4. Diagnose and repair or replace marine, snowmobile and watercraft systems and components according to industry standards.
  5. Evaluate system performance for repair or replacement.
  6. Perform preventative maintenance according to recommended factory service schedules.
  7. Develop accuracy, proficiency, and quality for task being performed.
  8. Practice safety in the repair and service of marine, snowmobile and watercraft systems

Marine Service Technology students

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