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Real Photography Experience, Real Life.

That’s what you can expect when enrolling in the Photography program here at Iowa Lakes. Master the art of creating, setting up and producing photographs to become an asset to any company.

Through classroom activities and hands-on experience in our photography studio, you’ll develop confidence in your ability to effectively create images. In just one year, you’ll be ready for an entry-level position in digital media, photojournalism or portrait photography. Whether you choose to work for a company or pursue your own photography business, the Photography program will equip you with the foundational skills you need to excel as a photographer.

Acquire training in: 

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Black-and-white film photography
  • Developing and printing photographs
  • Composing and lighting

Photography Program Outcomes

  1. Use a manual 35mm camera to capture images.
  2. Develop 33mm film and photographic paper.
  3. Print 35mm negatives.
  4. Adapting digital camera settings to different photographic situations.
  5. Edit digital images to professional standards for web and print uses.
  6. Create professional quality portraits in studio and on location.
  7. Write a business and marketing plan for a photography business.
  8. Write a resume.

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