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Digital, Social and Broadcast Productions

Digital, Social and Broadcast Productions

Real Production Experience, Real Life.

That’s what you can expect when enrolling in the Digital, Social and Broadcast program here at Iowa Lakes. Develop the communications, marketing and production skills needed to keep up with the new forms of media.

While preparing for a variety of careers available in the communications field, you’ll become competent in using social media networks as a strategy no matter what employer you take these skills to. Whether you choose to pursue broadcasting, graphics or even marketing and sales, our Digital, Social and Broadcast Productions program will equip you with the tools you need to excel in communications. 

Acquire training in: 

  • Social media networks
  • Radio and television production
  • Webcast programming
  • Marketing, sales and journalism
  • Branding and public relations

Digital, Social and Broadcast Productions Program Outcomes

  1. Evaluate broadcast and production practices both holistically and in terms of their
  2. component parts, namely: audio, video, scripting, copy writing, production and editing.
  3. Execute methods and techniques to be radio announcers, sports reporters, sports
  4. play-by-play, news reporters or interviewers on radio or television, as well as in print
  5. publications.
  6. Write effectively for broadcast media and publication-based production, with an
  7. emphasis on clarity, story structure and brevity.
  8. Demonstrate competency in shooting and editing video in the field and studio,
  9. using professional equipment and non-linear editing systems.
  10. Demonstrate proficiency in recording and editing for audio productions.
  11. Synthesize business, marketing and advertising contexts and concerns with the
  12. technical aspects of producing media.
  13. Develop content to engage, inform, entertain and produce in the broadcasting and
  14. publication industries.
  15. Implement social media strategies for business penetration, growth and development.

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