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Digital, Social and Broadcast Productions

Digital, Social and Broadcast Productions

The Internet and other electronic media have broadened the definition of telecommunication to include a variety of new media. In addition to radio and television, you now have the opportunity to learn production hands-on for webcast programming as well as more traditional programming. 

A major emphasizing these new forms of media production is now listed as one of 10 college majors for a new economy at

Skills you learn include:

  • Implement social media in a variety of settings;
  • Understand uses of social media in advertising, marketing, journalism, branding, public relations, and so forth;
  • Use social media to communicate globally;
  • Learn to prepare for what the future holds for social media tools;
  • Utilize multiple social networks current and future careers.

This degree prepares you for a variety of careers with the skills necessary to work in communications, social media and programming, to name a few, or to transfer to a four-year college or university and complete a Bachelor’s degree.

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