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Business Specialist Program Curriculum

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Freshman Fall Semester
Course No Course Title Credits
ACC-111 Intro to Accounting 3
ADM-116 Keyboarding II 3
ADM-254 Business Professionalism 1
ADM-132 Business Math & Calculators 2
BUS-160 Human Relations 2
CSC-110 Intro to Computers 3
SPC-101 Fundamentals of Oral Communications 3
  Total Credits - Fall Freshman 17
Freshman Spring Semester
Course No Course Title Credits
ADM-162 Office Procedures 3
ADM-255 Business Professionalism II 1
BCA-134 Word Processing 3
ENG-105 Composition I 3
Take 3 of the following:
ACC-161 Payroll Accounting 3
ACC-310 Computer Accounting 2
BCA-185 Beginning Web Page Development 3
BCA-218 Advanced Microsoft Office Apps 3
  Total Credits - Spring Freshman 18
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