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Natural Resources Management Transfer


With the growing awareness of the public with regard to conservation issues, the employment outlook for this career area is extremely good. As the demand for outdoor recreational opportunities increase, the management of our natural resources has intensified to meet these needs. To accomplish this task, conservation agencies are finding it necessary to increase staffing, thus creating a job market for individuals with the proper combination of academic and practical skills. These factors, combined with the large number of professionals who are of retirement age paints a very positive picture for employment in the near future.


The Natural Resources Management transfer degree is designed to prepare you for a career in the conservation field. By providing a combination of academic and practical skills, completion of the Natural Resources Management transfer degree will prepare you to successfully transfer to a four-year college or university. The Natural Resources Management curriculum will provide you with both the classroom and hands-on training necessary to achieve the conservation career goals that you have set for yourself in an educational environment that is conducive to both learning and success. With our campus located in one of Iowa’s richest natural resource areas, you will have the opportunity to learn about the natural ecosystems and how they function in the field as well as in the classroom. Through class projects and assignments you will have a chance to actually participate in activities which will prepare you for your future career as a natural resources manager.   


The Natural Resources Management transfer degree is a two-year program designed to prepare you for your future career in natural resources management. The Natural Resources Management transfer degree will expose you to a wide range of science, natural resources management, and general education courses. This course-work will allow you to graduate with the knowledge, skills and practical experience you will need for advancing your education. In this program you will obtain the specific training and instruction necessary to successfully transfer to a four-year college or university.

Course work during your time at Iowa Lakes Community College will give you a variety of professional skills. You will have opportunities to monitor plant and animal populations, conduct environmental research on various local ecosystems, and study the ecology of northwest Iowa’s many prairies, forests, marshes, and shallow lakes.  

Students who enroll in Natural Resources Management typically exhibit a strong interest in nature and outdoor activities. To address this interest, field experiences are an essential component of the curriculum. As a student in Natural Resources Management, you will be involved in ongoing projects with various conservation agencies and organizations. These projects include water quality assessments, preparation of recreational land management proposals, forestry inventories, and conducting fisheries and wildlife field research. You will be involved in collecting data for actual research reports and publications instead of laboratory work on an academic level only.


Iowa Lakes Community College has partnered with the following U.S. agencies and local businesses to bring you the most current information and the highest quality learning experience.

  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Iowa Department of Natural Resources
  • County Conservation Boards
  • Non-profit Conservation Organizations
  • Private Natural Resources Management Businesses


Admission to the Natural Resources Management transfer degree requires application to the college. You will need to complete assessment requirements before you enroll for classes. You can provide ACT scores (possibly on your high school transcript), or take the ASSET or COMPASS assessments at any Iowa Lakes Community College campus. If you have already taken either of these assessments at another college, you may have them send the scores to Iowa Lakes.


The Natural Resources Management curriculum places a strong emphasis on science, mathematics, and computer technology. An Advisory Committee, made up of environmental and conservation professionals, works with the Natural Resources Management professor to ensure that the curriculum will adequately prepare you to meet practical employment or college transfer needs. 

Degree course-work includes a 22 credit core of required general education courses and 41 credits of math and science courses. All Natural Resources Management courses are taught in a modern, well equipped classroom and laboratory which provides an ideal setting for academic growth and development.


Your success and employability in the Natural Resources Management field will depend on a broad base of educational and practical experiences. The Natural Resources Management curriculum is designed to give the graduate the type of training and experiences necessary to transfer to a four-year college or university where you can continue to pursue your career goals in Natural Resources Management. 

Fall Semester
Environmental Studies I
Environmental Seminar
Biology I
College Mathematics
Intro to Computers/Information Systems
College 101
Successful Learning
Spring Semester
Environmental Studies II
Biology II
Composition I
American Government
Fall Semester
Intro to Natural Resources Management
Chemistry I
English II
Humanities Elective
Spring Semester
Natural Resources Management Techniques
Chemistry II
Humanities Elective

A minimum of 64 hours is required to complete an AA degree at Iowa Lakes. 

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