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Library Science Transfer

Following is the suggested sequence of courses required for an Associate degree in pre-Library Science. Additional developmental studies courses may be required before you can take college English or mathematics.
A minimum of 64 hours is required to complete an AA degree at Iowa Lakes.
Fall Semester
Composition I
Western Civ: Ancient to Early Modern
OR American History to 1877
American Literature to Mid-1800s
OR World Literature I
American National Government *
Intro to Computers
Successful Learning
Spring Semester
Composition II
Fundamentals of Oral Communication
Western Civ: Early Modern to Present
OR American History since 1877
American Literature since Mid-1800s
OR World Literature II
Fall Semester
Art Appreciation *
Foreign Language *
Science Elective
OR Elective
Spring Semester
Children’s Literature
Intro to Sociology
Science Elective
Intro to Psychology *
Foreign Language *
* Take as appropriate to your schedule
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