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West Bend-Mallard High School

Career and Technical Education (Programs of Study)


AGA-114 Principles of Agronomy, 3cr.
Covers the basic principles of crop production, including classification, soil-plant interrelationships and growth process in response to environment.


ACC-111 Introduction to Accounting, 3cr.
Introduces the basic principles of accounting and the recoding of simple business transactions using the double entry system. Includes the accounting procedures of journalizing transactions, posting to the ledger, making a trial balance, creating receipts and disbursement of cash.

HCM-105 Food Fundamentals, 4cr.
Reviews the skills and attitudes needed for successful employment in the food service industry. This course and its components are the latest additions to the ProMgmt program. ProMgmt is a college level curriculum driven by industry research and academic excellence and created by the educational foundation of the National Restaurant Association and the Culinary Institute of America.

Industrial Tech

CON-113 Construction Printreading, 2cr.
Studies the builder’s visual language and communication.

Social and Human Services

ECE-103 Intro to Early Childhood Ed, 3 cr.
Gives students a historical and philosophical foundation of the field of early childhood education. Includes an overview of assessment and trends that influence best practices. Explores careers in the field. Addresses influences of families and diversity.

ECE-170 Child Growth & Development, 3cr.
Reviews typical and atypical development of children from conception to adolescence in all developmental domains. Presents interactions between child, family and society within a variety of community and cultural contests. Examines theories associated with our understanding of children.

Course offerings are subject to change, students should check with their high school counselor.

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