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Algona High School

Arts and Science Courses

HIS-110 Western Civilization: Ancient to Modern, 3cr.
Surveys the origins of human civilization in the Near Ease, the great rise of Greece and Rome and concludes with the Enlightenment.
HIS-111 Western Civilization: Modern to Present, 3cr.
Examines an extremely dynamic phase of European and world history.
Social Science
HIS-151 U.S. History to 1877, 3cr.
Study of national foundations, colonial background, revolution, confederation and institutions, nationalism and expansion. The growth of democracy and war plus reconstruction are analyzed.
HIS-152 U.S. History since 1877, 3cr.
Covers re-union growth of big businesses, expansion and World War I, rise to world power, isolation, modern industry, depression, recovery and internationalism.

Career and Technical Education Courses (Programs of Study)

Industrial Technology

CON-113 Construction Printreading, 2cr.
Studies the builder’s visual language and communication.
CON-195 Foundations and Concrete, 5cr.
Covers structure foundations, concrete and concrete block construction. Lecture and laboratory.
CON-201 Framing Techniques and Lab I, 2cr.
Basic framing techniques with emphasis on identification and application. Lecture and Lab.
CON-202 Framing Techniques and Lab II, 5cr.
This course covers the framing of a structure including floor systems, exterior and interior bearing/nonbearing walls, stairways, roof systems, exterior fascia and soffit framing along with exterior sheathing. Lecture and lab.
CON-217 Exterior Finishing, 3 cr.
Exterior finish work on residential and commercial structures. Lecture and laboratory.
CON-225 Techniques of Exterior Covering, 6 cr.
Studies exterior cover materials for residential and commercial structures. Lecture and laboratory.
CON-228 Methods of Interior Finishing, 3 cr.
Covers interior finishing material and its installation in residential and commercial structures. Lecture and laboratory.
CON-229 Install of Interior Finishing, 3 cr.
Covers interior wall coverings and their application as well as thermal and sound insulation. Lecture and laboratory.

Coaching / Officiating

PEC-115 Athletic Development & Human Growth, 1cr.
Human growth and development in children and youth in relations to physical activity.
PEC-120 Body Structure & Function, 1cr.
The structure and function of the human body in relation to physical activity.
PEC-126 Athletic Injury Prevention, 2cr.
Course provides a knowledge and understanding of the prevention, care and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.
PEC-110 Coaching Ethics, Techniques, & Theory, 1 cr.
Techniques and theory of coaching interscholastic athletics
*These courses are offered every other year, please check with your counselor 
Course offerings are subject to change, students should check with their high school counselor. 
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