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Iowa Lakes Community College
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Students take the CAAP test at Iowa Lakes Community College.

Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for quality lifelong learning and promote economic development for our communities.



Extend opportunities for personal and professional growth that are responsive to the dynamic needs of the individual and society.

  • Guarantee access to postsecondary education opportunities through an "open door" policy.
  • Ensure all constituents have the opportunity and the support necessary to take advantage of the postsecondary education programs and services offered by the college.
  • Provide appropriate personnel services. 

Lifelong Learning:

Provide learner centered activities that empower individuals to reach their potential and fulfill their personal and career goals.

  • Enable students to complete the first two years of college work, including general education and pre­professional education and upon completion to achieve successful transfer to four-year colleges and universities.
  • Enable students to complete vocational and technical programs designed to prepare them for employment in occupations in a global society.
  • Provide opportunities for individuals to continue learning throughout their lifetimes.
  • Provide programs for high school completion and development of the academic foundation necessary for success in college.
  • Enable eligible secondary students to participate in college courses for credit while still in high school.
  • Provide vocational and technical training for persons not enrolled in high school and who have not completed high school. 

Economic Development:

Support partnerships among business, communities and labor groups that strengthen the economic health and quality of life for area residents.

  • Deliver programs for in-service training and retraining for workers and to help employers maintain a competitive workforce.
  • Promote economic development assistance to area businesses, industries, cities and counties in cooperation with federal, state and local agencies. 


Promote collaborations with communities that support access to college programs and services with sensitivity to diversity and equal opportunities for all.

  • Promote among students an awareness of their responsibilities as citizens in our contemporary and dynamic society.
  • Extend the scope of college resources through active partnerships with agencies in the service area.


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