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Emmetsburg Campus

 January 16, 1930   As published in the Emmetsburg Reporter/Democrat the school board unanimously adopted resolutions favoring a college in Emmetsburg.
 March 13, 1930   An election was in which the people of Emmetsburg voted four to one to establish a junior college as reported in the Emmetsburg paper.
 1965   The Iowa legislature passed a law providing for up to 20 vocational-technical schools to be established throughout the state.  There were over 50 proposals considered
 April 29, 1966   The State Board of Public Instruction gave consideration to the Area Community College Proposal filed by the County Planning Boards of Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth and Palo Alto Counties with the Administrative Center established in Estherville with the area board utilizing the community college facilities at Estherville and Emmetsburg.  The plan that was sent to the State Board called for the continuation of the junior college at Emmetsburg and that the vocational curriculum would be compatible with the community college.  The plan calls for the Board of Directors to make a study before making decisions on permanent vocational–technical facilities other than Estherville and Emmetsburg.  The plan suggested a three quarter mill levy be voted on and this coupled with the state and federal matching funds showed approximately $1,000,000 which would be used for building purposes
 October 25, 1966   Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth and Palo Alto Counties all gave approval for a merger plan for an Area III Community College.  This would provide for the establishment of an area community college at Estherville and an attendance center in Emmetsburg
 November 6, 1966   Open House at Emmetsburg Community College Academic Building at 8th and Call Streets and Emmetsburg Community College Dormitory on Grand Ave ( now the Emmetsburg Police Station)
 January 12, 1967   Iowa Lakes Community College was organized on January 12, 1967 and merged with the former Estherville Junior College on July 1, 1968
 1968   Estherville Junior college merged with Iowa Lakes Community College.  It had been decided that the vocational-technical division of the school would be located in Emmetsburg and the main arts and science program would be located in Estherville.
 1968   Building began on a new one and a quarter million dollar vocational-technical building with 54,000 square feet of space on the northwest edge of Emmetsburg.
 February 24, 1970   Classes began at the new vocational-technical building at Emmetsburg, uniting the entire Voc-Tech program under one roof.  Courses getting settled into the new building included automotive mechanics from Algona, auto body from Spencer, farm equipment mechanics from a temporary location in Emmetsburg, courses from Estherville such as feed and fertilizer, farm management, office-clerical and secretarial, nursing and retail sales.  The South Campus at Emmetsburg also offers the basic arts and science courses that were available under Emmetsburg Community College.
 July 1, 1970   Iowa Lakes Community College merged with Emmetsburg Community College
 November 2, 1971   Northwest Iowa’s first computer is at Iowa Lakes Community College
 1972   The Farm Foundation signed a 15 year contract with Dr. Howard McCutchen, a Missouri State Veterinarian for the purchase of the 360 acres that now serves as the Iowa Lakes Community College Farm laboratory.  A new classroom building was built on the west side of the present vocational-technical and arts and science building – which would house the horticulture program and later Allied Health.  Presently it is the Vet Tech building.
 1982   Farm Equipment building was built on Emmetsburg campus
 1987   Apartment building on North Superior becomes a dorm for Emmetsburg campus (now named Spinnaker)
 1989   Byrkeland Building built (COC)
 Mid July 1997   Arthur and Audrey Smith Wellness Center built
 September 30, 1997   Grand Dedication for the Arthur and Audrey Smith Wellness Center
 August 6, 1993    Ribbon Cutting for the new west dorm now named Ballaster
 April 8, 1998    Dr. James Coffey Hall Classroom Wing Open House and Ribbon Cutting
 Summer 1999    Welding Lab constructed – added onto the Farm Equipment Building
 August, 2002    New four plex dorm opens in Emmetsburg (now named Catamaran)
 July 19, 2005    Technology Education Building (now Ag & Power Sports Building) Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
 April 5, 2008    Regional Emergency Response Training Center Open House and Ribbon Cutting
 November 4, 2011    Construction Technology Building Open House and Ribbon Cutting
 April 20, 2012    Vet Tech Building (formerly the Horticulture and Allied Health Building)Ribbon Cutting and Open House
 November 21, 2012    Video Conferencing System Open House and Ribbon Cutting
 September 19, 2013    Swine Training Center Ribbon Cutting and Open House


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