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Tuesday, January 24: All daytime and evening classes (both credit and continuing education) will be cancelled after 2 p.m. at all campuses. Also, all offices of Iowa Lakes will be closed effective at 2 p.m. Students and employees are encouraged to stay alert to changing weather conditions.


Computer Networks

Computers and Internet

Iowa Lakes is fortunate to have a computer network on all campuses of the college.  All computers, which are Pentium or higher speed, are connected to this network . All networked computer classrooms, labs, and offices have direct Internet access.

Every student and college employee is given a personal e-mail account and individual storage space on the network. Internet access is available for Iowa Lakes students and staff.

If you experience any difficulties with your e-mail account, please call the Help Desk at the Estherville Campus, ext. 8383. Direct line: 712-362-8383.

Computer Classrooms 

Iowa Lakes does not require students to purchase computers. Computers are available for use in the Computer Lab and Library at each Iowa Lakes campus location. There are several classrooms designated for computer-based instruction throughout the college. These classrooms are also open for your use when class is not in session.

If you experience any difficulties with the equipment while you are in these rooms, please call the Help Desk at the Estherville Campus, ext. 8383. Direct line: 712-362-8383.

Computer Orientations

Orientation sessions are helpful for all new students at the beginning of each semester. Students will be given their e-mail address, instruction on the use of the network and the policies of Internet use.

Software Available

By standardizing software we hope to eliminate incompatible file problems. The following software can be found on any computer throughout Iowa Lakes. Additional software may be located in areas where there is a specific need.

Microsoft Office 2010
Windows 7

Outlook Email
Internet Explorer


Questions or comments? Please email us at or call 712-362-2604 or 800-521-5054.
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