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Learning Style Analysis

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HOW TO ACCESS YOUR Learning Style Analysis - Adult
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All Iowa Lakes campuses and online students:

Iowa Lakes Community College’s mission to provide opportunities for quality lifelong learning is realized with Learning Style Analysis as it ensures that each student that comes to Iowa Lakes Community College will have the opportunity to develop the skills to optimize his/her learning. 

Enhance educational success...

... by discovering how students learn best.

LSA reveals ... each student's unique combination of style features.
LSA shows ... how to rearrange the learning environment to get better results.
LSA provides ... guidelines for helping students concentrate better and learn most successfully.
LSA adapts ... to the specific needs of three age groups -

LSA-Junior for students aged 6-12 years

LSA-Senior for students aged 12-16/17 years

LSA-Adult for students over 17 years.

Enhance the power to educate...

... by discovering how a teacher teaches best.

TSA reveals... each teacher's unique combination of style elements.
TSA shows ... how to rearrange the learning environment to get better results.
TSA helps matching ... the specific needs of students and their teachers during the learning process.

The LSA assesses 49 individual elements in the following six basic areas that are represented as layers of a pyramid. The first four of these layers seem to be biologically or genetically determined and the last two conditioned or learned:

Showing sequential or simultaneous brain processing strategies reflective or impulsive thinking style and overall analytic or holistic/global learning styles.

Including auditory (hearing, talking, inner dialogue) visual (reading, seeing, visualizing) tactile (manipulating, touching) and kinesthetic (doing, feeling) preferences

Identifying needs for mobility (preferences for moving or being stationary), intake (eating, nibbling, drinking, chewing, smoking) and time of day preferences (personal bio rhythm)

Revealing preferences for sound (needing music/sound or wanting it quiet), light (needing bright or dim lighting) temperature (needing a cool or warm environment) and work area (wanting formal or informal/comfortable setting)

Including preferences for working alone, in a pair, with peers, or in a team, and authority (wanting to learn with a teacher or a parent/guardian or not)

Showing motivation (internally or externally motivated for learning) persistence (high, fluctuating, or low), conformity (conforming or non-conforming/rebellious), structure (being self-directed or needing directions, guidance from others) variety (needing routine/constancy or changes/variety) 

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