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Independent College Credit Courses

Transferable Independent Study Classes are available at all campuses unless indicated.


HSC114     Medical Terminology     3 Credits
Studies medical terminology, including spelling and definitions. 
ADM106     Introduction to Keyboarding     2 Credits
Teaches the basic computer keyboard using the touch method to develop speed and accuracy. 


EN213A     American Literature Since Mid 1800's     3 Credits
Explores major American writers (including Native Americans) and their contributions to American letters from Puritan times to present.       

Student Development 

RDG120     College Reading     1 Credit 
An individualized elective reading course in reading.  Prerequisite: RDG031 or satisfactory assessment scores.  P/Q grading 

SDV106     Library Orientation    1 Credit  (Emmetsburg and Esthervile)
Introduction to use of a college library.  P/Q grading. 
SDV103     Successful Learning    1 Credit
Students master the academic and personal skills needed to succeed in higher education and in life. 


PSY111     Introduction to Psychology     3 Credits
A survey course which provides an introduction to the study of psychology with emphasis on the history of psychology, learning, personality, behavior, motivation, perception and social psychology as well as other areas. 

Social Sciences

POL111     American National Government     3 Credits
Review of basic fundamentals of American Government including federalism, the political process, the presidency, the congress and the judicial system. 
HIS151     U.S. History to 1877     3 Credits
Study of national foundations, colonial background, revolution, confederation and institutions; nationalism, and expansion.  The growth of democracy and war plus reconstruction is analyzed. 
SOC110     Introduction to Sociology     3 Credits
Review of sociology as an academic discipline.  Basic sociological concepts, theory and methods are examined. 
GEO121     World Regional Geography     3 Credits
Introductory course in college geography dealing with location, interaction and interdependency of countries of the world.

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