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Sample Test Questions

Writing Skills Reading Skills Numeric Skills/Pre-Algebra Elementary Algebra Intermediate Algebra Answers


The Writing Skills unit consists of passages which have certain words and phrases underlined. Decide which parts of each sentence are correct and which are incorrect.

Sample Question:
The widespread use of headphones are (1) one cause of later hearing loss.  Its been (2) found that when headphones are taken off: their (3) often running many times louder than what is considered the danger level.

  a.  No Change
  b.  were
  c.  is
  d.  being

  a.  No Change
  b.  It's been
  c.  Its' been
  d.  Its being

  a.  No Change
  b.  off; they're
  c.  off, their
  d.  off, they're


The Reading Skills unit has passages followed by questions.  Read the passage below, then choose the best answer to each questions.

Sample Question:
The turkey's sharp eyesight and keen sense of hearing make it a very elusive quarry.  Many hunters consider the wild turkey more difficult to take than big game animals like deer.  In parts of the Southeast which lack the deer that are plentiful elsewhere, the wild turkey has come to be regarded as the big game animal.

A wild turkey is virtually impossible to sneak up on, but, because it gobbles to claim a mate or establish its territory, hunters can use turkey calls to attract the bird.  Though learning the technique isn't all that simple, in some areas one's manhood is in question if he can't properly use a turkey call. 

Not long ago while I was in the vast swamps near Tallahassee, Florida, researching wild turkeys, I noticed that most male residents carried odd-looking objects--even in the diners while having morning coffee.  I was puzzled until two men pushed their toast aside and talked to each other in the language of the small, boxlike contraptions that they played like violins.  No one could mistake the sounds that emanated, bouncing around that roadside diner like wild things suddenly uncaged, the clear persistent heoh, heoh, heoh, of the wild turkeys.

Turkeys respond to expert calling for a variety of reasons.  They are itching for a fight in the mating season, calling repeatedly for a mate just before dawn.  They are curious about who else is doing the talking, and sometimes, just plain lonely. 

1.   Wild turkeys are
  a.   hard to catch
  b.   becoming extinct
  c.   easy to hunt
  d.   difficult to raise.

2.  The writer of this article was researching wild turkeys in
  a.   Louisiana
  b.   Mississippi
  c.   Florida
  d.   Alabama

3.   During the mating season wild turkeys seem to
  a.   slow down their activities.
  b.   become quarrelsome.
  c.   be very friendly.
  d.   lose many of their colorful feathers.

4.  An elusive quarry is
  a.   usually friendly.
  b.   easy to track.
  c.   quite common
  d.   hard to find


The Numerical Skills unit has questions followed by 5 possible answers to each question. Select the correct answer.

Sample Questions:

1.  2÷1/8= 
  a.  16
  b.  1/4
  c.  1/16
  d.  8
  e.  Not Given

2.   6.2 - .456=   
  a.  1.64
  b.   6.656
  c.   5.744
  d.   0.164
  e.   Not Given

3.  A hallway measures 8 yards, 2 feet and 6 inches in length.  What is its length in feet?
  a.   10 1/2 feet
  b.   26 1/2 feet
  c.   16 feet
  d.   8 1/2 feet
  e.   Not Given

4.  6% of 50 =?  
  a.  30
  b.   3
  c.   .3
  d.   .03
  e.   Not Given


The Elementary Algebra unit has questions followed by 5 possible answers. Choose the correct answer to each question.

Sample Questions:

1.  (3r + 2t)(3r + 4t) =
  a.   9r² + 18rt + 8t²
  b.   6r² + 6rt + 6t²
  c.   9r² + 8t²
  d.   (5rt)(12rt)
  e.   60r²t²

2.  If 7(p-2) + p=2p+4, then p =
  a.   -3
  b.   1/3
  c.   -1/3
  d.   18
  e.   3

3.  A farmer has 28 more hens than roosters, with 170 chickens in all.  
Find the number of roosters the farmer has.
  a.   170
  b.   142
  c.   28
  d.   71
  e.   198

4.   What is the solution set of the equation 2a²-a-3=0?
  a.   {0,1}
  b.   {2/3,1}
  c.   {-2/3,1}
  d.   {-3/2,1}
  e.   {3/2, -1}


The Intermediate Algebra unit has questions followed by 5 possible answers.   Choose the correct answer to each question.

Sample Questions:

1.   What is the distance between the points with (x,y) coordinates (-3,5) and (6,4)?
  c.   1
  d.   82
  e.   9

2.   Which of the following is a factorization of the polynomial
  a.  2x²(x+4)(x-1)
  b.  2x²(x+2)(x+1)
  e.   (2x²+2x)²

3.  What is the slope of the line defined by the equation 6x - 5y - 30 = 0
  a.  -6
  b. 6/5
  c.   5/6
  d. -5/6
  e. -6/5

4. At what point do the lines that are the graphs of the equations 8x - 3y=32 and 4x + 5y = 16 intersect?
  a.  (8, -3)
  b.  (-8, -10)
  c.  (0, 4)
  d.  (4, 5)
  e.  (4, 0)



Writing Skills
1.  c       2.  b        3.  d
  Reading Skills
1.  a        2.  c         3.  b         4.  d
  Numerical Skills / Pre-Algebra
1.  a        2.  c         3.  b         4.  b
  Elementary Algebra
1.  a        2.  e         3.  d         4.  e
  Intermediate Algebra
1.  a        2.  b         3.  b         4.  e 

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