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Gary Steven Phillips


Gary Steven Phillips
Professor, Environmental Studies Program Coordinator, Sustainable Energy Resources Management Program Coordinator


Professor Phillips has been the coordinator of the Environmental Studies program since 1982.  During his tenure as coordinator of this program, he has been extensively involved in local research projects dealing with environmental quality assessment and natural resources management.  His academic credentials include a BS degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from Iowa State University in 1972, a MA degree in Biology from the University of Northern Iowa in 1979 and a Specialist degree in Science Education from the University of Northern Iowa in 1980.  Professor Phillips is actively involved in numerous local and national organizations and has had over 20 professional papers published.  His primary scientific interests are aquatic vascular plants, invasive species, and native prairie restoration.  He has recently become involved in sustainable energy resources management.


Environmental Topics:
Professor Phillips is able to present a wide variety of environmental topics dealing with water and air quality issues.  Gary has extensive experience with water quality monitoring in the Iowa Great Lakes and has worked on numerous projects in the area.  He also has extensive experience working with natural resources issues in northwest Iowa. Gary has recently been involved with a state-wide group of scientists who are addressing the impact of climate change on Iowa and its citizens and would be willing to make a presentation on this topic.

Sustainable Energy Resources:
Gary has been involved in the establishment of various sustainable energy program at Iowa Lakes Community College and would be will ing to speak on the topic of sustainable energy resources and their role in today’s society.

Prairies are a hobby for Gary.  He has spent a great deal of time investigating the prairies of northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota.  He has also been involved in numerous prairie restoration activities in the area. 

Water Quality Technology
Professor Phillips is currently involved in establishing a Water Quality Technology at Iowa Lakes Community College and would be will to speak on the topics of water resources, municipal water processing, and municipal wastewater treatment.

Gary Steven Phillips
Estherville Campus

Year round

Days of week:
Evenings during the workweek or afternoons on weekends

Presents in Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth & Palo Alto

Audio-Visual materials needed:
Audio/video materials needed: Depending on presentation, may need Elmo or overhead

Other comments:
Please contact Gary if you would like him to present outside of the five-county area

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