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Refund of Tuition

In the event that a student officially withdraws from the college, a refund of tuition will be made according to the following schedule for credit classes: During (If not subject to federal program refund)

  • the first week of the term canceled: 100 percent
  • the second week (complete drops only): 60 percent
  • the third week (complete drops only): 40 percent
  • After the end of the third week: none

Refunds are calculated on total tuition paid; fees are not refunded.

Refunds on courses shorter than a standard term in length or on non-standard calendars may be pro-rated.

Refund monies may be used to repay financial aid advanced for educational expenses before any refund is issued to the student.

Refund procedures, percentages and amounts may differ for first-time college students receiving federal financial aid.

The U. S. Department of Education has instituted a refund procedure for all Title IV financial aid recipients. Under this procedure, the institution is required to refund tuition, fees and other expenses to the lending agency or grant program on a pro-rata basis.

Campus housing and food service refund procedures are listed elsewhere. 

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