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Welding (WEL)

WEL-114  Introduction to Fabrication and Machining, 3 cr
Designed to develop the skills for welding, fabrication, sheet metal fields.  To practice operation of tools, such as lathes, milling machines, borers, grinders, and drill presses.  To gain working knowledge of metals; read and interpret blueprints and develop sketches, perform layouts, and generate specifications for where and how to machine metal.  Selecting the correct tools, materials and using precision measuring devices to produce quality parts.
WEL-128 Brazing / Soldering, 2 cr.
Identification of metal and what filler is needed to join these materials. Prerequisites: WEL-121 and WEL-160
WEL-158 Structural Weld, 4 cr.
Designed to develop techniques required to properly weld structural steel and pass the AWA certification examination. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisites: WEL-121 and WEL-160.
WEL-160 Arc Welding I (SMAW), 5 cr.
Safety factors and practices relating to welding machines, electrodes and positions used in arc welding. Lecture and laboratory.
WEL-179 Special Processes/Procedures, 3 cr.
Ferrous to ferrous, nonferrous to nonferrous hard surfacing used in the welding field today. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisites: WEL-121 and WEL-160.
WEL-180 GMAW/GTAW, 2 cr.
Studies the necessary fundamentals of the metallic inert gas and tungsten gas processes.
WEL-183 GMAW/GTAW, 3 cr.
Studies MIG and TIG welding in correlation with the use of equipment, variables, safety and data for welding metals. Prerequisite: WEL-180.
WEL-210 Production Welding, 3 cr.
Work is done quickly, uniformly and close to tolerances. Design layout and building jigs from prints are required. Prerequisites: WEL-180 and WEL-183.
WEL-310 Pipe Welding, 5 cr.
Develops the exacting techniques required to properly weld pipe installations. Lecture and Laboratory. Prerequisites: WEL-160, WEL-180, WEL-183.
WEL-334 Trade & Industry Welding, 2 cr.
Principles and applications of gas and MIG welding theory, safety and shop practices are covered. Lecture and laboratory.
WEL-337 Industrial Technical Welding, 2 cr.

Introduction to electric, gas, wire and oxy-acetylene welding. 

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