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Student Development (SDV)

SDV-061 Independent Living Skills I, 4 cr.
The purpose of this course is for students to learn to independent adult living skills; first to prepare meals in a safe environment.  Students will learn kitchen safety, basic meal planning and serving techniques. Students will learn to follow multi step directions to prepare food in a safe manner.
SDV-075 Strategies for Academic Success, 1 cr.
A human development seminar designed to help individual students increase their academic potential. Behavioral modification techniques are used. The effort is to help the student’s behavior become consistent with the student’s stated intentions concerning academic work. Access to this course is by referral.
SDV-090 College 101, 0 cr.
An introduction to academic and personal information related to Iowa Lakes Community College. This information is vital for student success. P/Q grading.
SDV-103 Successful Learning, 1 cr.
Students master the academic and personal skills needed to succeed in higher education and in life. Content will cover academic, communication and life management skills. Goal setting, time management, note taking, test taking and how to be a lifelong learner will also be covered.
SDV-106 Library Orientation, 1 cr.
This course acquaints students with information and services found in a library and shows how to use that information.  Documentation of sources, plagiarism, and copyright information is included in the course.
SDV-111 Success Seminar, 1 cr.
The course will examine concerns faced by students as a member of modern society. It is designed to assist students in making sound decisions concerning physical, mental and financial health, and to use non-working hours in a creative way. Critical thinking skills will be emphasized students analyze written documents, including those financial, legal, and medical.
SDV-125 Workplace Readiness, 1 cr.
This course is designed to assist students in obtaining and maintaining employment. Topics include making career decisions, using labor market information, developing a portfolio, and demonstrating positive attitudes and behaviors.
SDV-131 Career Exploration, 2 cr.
Students learn about themselves, theories about career, and resources available to assist in the career exploration and decision-making process.
SDV-143 Career Exploration II, 2 cr.
Career Exploration II is a continuation of Career Exploration I. This course will provide students with an opportunity to gain further knowledge about the many different types of careers available. Students will explore career outlook information, educational requirements, job descriptions and essential job search communications.  Students will compile documents to create their personal portfolio.
SDV-154 Successful Learning II, 1 cr.
This course helps students expand on mastering intellectual and self-aptitude skills through brain game activities and other exercises that will increase life-long learning and improve brain health and performance.
SDV-173 Introduction to Reasoning, 2 cr.
Introduction to Reasoning is a course that provides students with an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to help one improve their own behavior as well as the behavior of others.  It allows students to gain reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving skills as well as how to influence others.
SDV-182 Human Potential Seminar, 2 cr.
Positive-oriented group experience emphasizing and realizing potential, setting goals, and clarifying values.
SDV-191 Positive Psychology and Wellness, 3 cr.
This course provides an introduction to the study of topics related to happiness and the positive aspects of human experience and wellness. The first part of the course will focus on the basic areas of research in positive psychology and the ways to apply the research to your own life. The second part of the class will focus on personal wellness and self-care. 
SDV-195 Student Government I, 1 cr.

Encouraging academic excellence within the realm of providing social, recreational, educational and cultural activities. 

SDV-213 Coop Career Experience, 2 cr.
Students will be given the opportunity to apply real world situations while preparing a meal for college students and members of the college and/or community and to evaluate their experience and observations. Social skills required in various occupational settings will be developed, emphasizing how appropriate personal attitudes lead to business success.

SDV-250 Service Learning, 1 cr.
Offers an opportunity to explore professional and technical aspects within an organization and to reflect on the experience. 

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