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Recreation (REC)

REC-112 Backpacking, 2 cr.
The course contains basic backpacking skills. Skills covered will include camp craft, equipment and clothing selection, menu planning, and safety in a wilderness setting. Students will attend class to prepare for a two-and-one-half day backpacking trip.
REC-113 Concepts of Wellness, 3 cr.
Organizing and implementing wellness programs for employees in agencies and organizations. Emphasis will be on introduction to and recruitment of employees, fitness testing, prescription of individual and group wellness programs. Lecture and laboratory.
REC-114 Foundations of Recreation, 4 cr.
Designed to help the student better understand the role of recreation and leisure in our society. Provides students with information on agencies providing recreational services.
REC-115 Foundations of Recreation, 3 cr.
Foundations of  Recreation is a course designed to help the student to better understand the role of recreation in our society.  There are three one-hour lectures a week in which the student will gain awareness of the history of recreation from early man to modern man.  The course will also provide the student with current information of the numerous agencies providing organized recreation along with certification, professionalism, and opportunities offered in recreation.
REC-118 Recreation Leadership, 4 cr.
Students gain an understanding of leadership theories and techniques and also develop an understanding of group dynamics relating to specific populations.
REC-117 Recreation Leadership, 3 cr.
The student will gain an understanding of leadership theories and techniques, along with the developing an understanding of group dynamics as it relates to specific populations in the recreation and leisure practices.
REC-122 Recreation Fieldwork I, 2 cr.
Recreation Fieldwork I is designed to give the student practical on the job experience. It will provide the student with an opportunity to plan, implement and evaluate recreational programs.
REC-132 Orienteering, 2 cr.
Provides students with the opportunity to learn and develop map and compass skills. Specific skills and knowledge include reading and understanding maps, land navigation techniques, and sport orienteering. Emphasis will be placed on integrating this activity into an outdoor recreation program.
REC-133 Outdoor Living Skills, 3 cr.
The course is designed to educate the student on how to travel safely for extended periods in the back-country. The essentials of life and how they can be provided in an outdoor setting will be presented. Related topics such as navigation, back-country medicine and wilderness concepts will also be discussed.
REC-140 Introduction to River Kayaking, 3 cr.
To teach beginner paddlers to safely and enjoyably kayak on gentle rivers.
REC-150 Adventure Sports & Recreation, 3 cr. 
This course is designed to prepare the student for Guiding and instructing in the Adventure sports field. Drawing on curricula from the American Canoe Association, (A.C.A.), the American Wilderness Leadership School (A.W.L.S.), and Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)  content will focus on: Teaching and Learning Styles, Assessment, Lesson Planning, Curriculum Design, Delivery Options, and Evaluation. Students will be required to design a course and facilitate a classroom session.
REC-213 Program Planning & Organization, 3 cr.
This course is designed to prepare the professional recreation student for the task of effective planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating various recreation programs. As well as understand practical applications in agency program planning, equipment and facility use, program budgets, and staff consideration.
REC-214 Program Planning and Organization, 4 cr.
Students gain an understanding of many different recreation programs areas and the aspects of developing and conducting programs to meet the needs of various populations.
REC-233 Intro to Outdoor Recreation, 3 cr.
Introduces students to the breadth, depth and scope of outdoor recreation. Topics include the history and philosophy of recreation; the roles that the government and the private sector play in outdoor recreation; the importance of leadership; the basics of program design; and the methods of researching job opportunities in the field. Specific skills include trip planning, menu planning, expedition behavior, outdoor cookery, selection of gear and clothing, campsite management, map and compass.
REC-236 Recreation Practicum, 5 cr.

Advanced practical field experience. 

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