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Political Science (POL)

POL-110 Intro Political Science, 3 cr.
A general introductory course in the fundamental concepts, institutions, principles and procedures of political science. Background in classical political theory through exposure to ideas of past political philosophers (such as Aristotle, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Marx and others). Studies comparative systems through consideration of governments of Great Britain, France and Canada.
POL-111 American National Government, 3 cr.
Review of basic fundamentals of government including federalism, the political process, the presidency, the congress and the judicial system.
POL-112 American State & Local Government, 3 cr. 
Course examines the principles and practices of American state and local government as well as applications and case studies in each area.
POL-121 International Relations, 3 cr.
Study of elements of national power and the formulation of foreign policy. Examination of national, state and international politics from 1871 to the present, including international organization, law and future prospects.
POL-125 Comparative Politics & Government, 3 cr.
Survey of the methods, ideologies and main ideas in the field of comparative politics. Introduction to comparative research. Study and comparison of governments and institutions across nation-states.
POL-201 The United States Constitution, 3 cr.
This course focuses on the historical evolution of the United States Constitution with emphasis on its antecedents, interpretation and change. Topics include a study of the Constitution’s historical background and its basic features, a study of the seven articles, the twenty-six amendments and examination of current topics.
POL-213 Critical Thinking for Contemporary Society, 3 cr.

Through study of the process of thinking and the response to current affairs, consider many of the personal, economic and social issues affecting personal and civic responsibility in today’s global environment. 

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