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Physics (PHY)

PHY-162 College Physics I, 4 cr.
Demonstrations, lectures, recitations and laboratory work beginning a two semester sequence covering the subject. Mechanics is primarily covered during the first semester. Recommended for pre-medical, dental, pharmacy and for liberal arts student interested in the sciences. Prerequisite: An elementary understanding of algebra, trigonometry and geometry from high school study.
PHY-172 College Physics II, 4 cr.
Continuation of PHY-162. Thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism are covered in this semester. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: PHY-162.
PHY-184    Applied Physics, 4 cr.
The course will develop the mathematical and analytical techniques required for making accurate computations in applied physics.  In parallel an understanding of the applications will be developed through hands on labs.  Topics covered will include:  systems of units, forces, torques, static equilibrium, kinematics, energy and momentum.  Co-requisite: MAT-101.
PHY-212 Classical Physics I, 5 cr.
Demonstrations, lectures recitations and laboratory work beginning a two-semester sequence covering the subject. Mechanics is primarily covered in the first semester. Recommended for those planning to major in engineering, physics, chemistry and mathematics. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment or previous course in calculus.
PHY-222 Classical Physics II, 5 cr.
Continuation of PHY-222. Thermodynamics and electricity and magnetism are covered in this course. Lecture and laboratory. 
PHY-709 Introduction to Technical Physics, 4 cr.
For students intending technical careers, this course is designed to introduce a variety of physical concepts in one semester.  Topics included are measurement, rate of change, linear and non-linear relationships, motion, force, rotation, torque, equilibrium, work, energy, machines, power, momentum, stress, vibrations, waves, fluids, pressure, flow rate, gasses, heat, temperature, thermal properties of matter, heat engines, refrigeration, electrical quantities, and the basics of electrical measurement. Standard physics topics will be reinforced and enhanced with hands-on activities and a variety of applied problems of special interest to the technician. Prerequisite: MAT-743 or higher.
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