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Mass Media Studies (MMS)

MMS-101 Mass Media, 3 cr.
An introductory course that studies mass media and society. The class includes a historical and contemporary overview of industries, professions, processes and social effects of the mass media.
MMS-105 Audio Production, 3 cr.
Audio production in both radio and television. The main focus is a radio production. Class discussion and lectures focus on coordination of audio board operation and announcing; creating and producing radio commercials; familiarizing the student with the Smartcaster; and following a playlist. Lab exercises help students develop radio control-board skills, production skills, discipline and structure.
MMS-115 T V Studio Production, 3 cr.
Basic operation of a television studio. Students will become familiar with the operation of equipment in the studio (cameras, floor directing, on-camera talent) and control room (directing, the character generator, audio, video). Emphasis will be on practical hands-on elements of studio production.
MMS-122 Career Seminar, 1 cr.
This course studies the variety of careers available within the digital and social media profession. As the role of the traditional broadcast journalist has experienced a merging of responsibilities from its counterparts, the emphasis of this course will be to provide the students with an opportunity to explore new and emerging media technologies. The curriculum will be mainly built around presentations from guest speakers and field trips.
MMS-129 Digital Audio & Video Production and Editing, 3 cr.
This class will introduce the student to not only digital video and audio production but also editing. Students will develop control-board skills, production skills, discipline and structure in addition to identifying video production elements including camera, lighting, audio, switching, editing and special effects.
MMS-130 Video Field Production, 3 cr.
Study of the equipment used in field/remote video productions. Students will participate in several single camera field productions, including shooting, directing and post-producing.
MMS-145 Broadcast Writing, 3 cr.
An instructional workshop for developing the skills to write for audio and video. Students will contribute stories to the college television newscast and possibly supplement the stories with video.
MMS-211 Advanced Video Editing, 3 cr.
This course takes students past the single-source/cuts-only editing system into advanced editing techniques. Students utilize A/B Roll/multiple source systems in addition to computer based editing systems (non-linear).
MMS-225 Advanced Television Production, 3 cr.
Production of pre-scripted programs for the local cable public access station. Students will perform as crew members in various studio productions. Prerequisite: MMS-115.
MMS-230 Advanced Video Production, 3 cr.
Production of advanced single and multi-camera productions. Focus on producing field programs outside the studio environment for the local cable public access channel. Programs will include college and community activities such as city council meetings.
MMS-234 Radio Workshop, 4 cr.
Radio station operations and practices in the college radio station. The majority of the programming and performance of the station will be the responsibility of students in this course. Prerequisite: MMS-105.
MMS-241 Public Relations & Marketing, 3 cr.
Public relations methods used for effectiveness and the art of persuasion throughout the organization of corporate communications.
MMS-298 Portfolio Preparation, 0 cr.
The portfolio consists of the student’s traditional copy resume, audio demotape and video resume tape prepared for job application requests.
MMS-401 Multimedia Projects 1, 2 cr.
Students will work in teams, design and create engage multimedia projects that incorporate various media elements such as audio and video; graphics and animation; webcasts and podcasts; radio and television broadcasting and blogs and social media presentations.
MMS-928 Independent Study, 1 cr.
Independent study or a special project in broadcasting.
MMS-941 Practicum, 2 cr.

Students accumulate 140 or more hours of work-related experience at broadcasting institutions or other approved facilities. Students gain specific skills in a practical job setting. 

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