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Journalism (JOU)

JOU-171  Introduction to Photography, 3 cr.
Introduction to the 35mm camera: selection and handling; theory of light; lenses and focusing; depth of field and film types; composition; film processing and basic darkroom techniques.
JOU-173  Digital Photography, 3 cr.
Basic digital theory, how the digital camera works. Includes digital capture; input into the computer; digital manipulation; basic PhotoShop and photography; saving digital images for future use and long term archiving on zip disks, CD’s and hard drives; how to print digital images; and how to send digital images after formatting for sending.
JOU-177  News, Forensics & Advertising Photography, 3cr.
This course will teach the basic photographic skills needed to create publishable news photographs using 35 mm film and digital cameras as well as basic photographic skills needed to create photographs for advertising use and basic crime scene photography. Prerequisite: JOU-171 and JOU-173
JOU-180  Digital Imaging for Professionals, 3 cr.
This course will develop skills needed for adjusting and enhancing photographic images after image capture and before going to a final output. The emphasis will be on images used in the photography professions of Portrait, Photojournalism Commercial, and Forensic. All image manipulations and adjustments will be done with computer imaging software, such as Photoshop.
JOU-941  Practicum, 2 cr., 5 cr.
Practical work experience related to journalism. 
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