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Health Sciences (HSC)

HSC-105  Introduction to Health Occupations, 1 cr.
This course introduces both the variety and requirements for health care careers. Basic core knowledge and professional expectations common to all health careers are explored. Workplace safety, and an overview of the health system and current trends are also covered.
HSC-109  Exploring Health Careers & Building Teams, 3cr.
Student will discover the main options available, including roles and responsibilities, in health career options. This course is designed to provide the student with the information necessary to make their health career choice. Prerequisite: HSC-105
HSC-114 Medical Terminology, 3 cr.
Studies medical terminology, including spelling and definitions.
HSC-134 First Aide/CPR, 1 cr.
Emergency care for the injured. Airway management, hemorrhage control, care for shock victims, CPR/lifesaving skills.
HSC-145 Pharmacology in Nursing, 3 cr.
Provides the student or practicing LPN or RN with a reliable and current pharmacological basis, emphasizing the nurse’s role in applying the knowledge of medications to patient care.
HSC-146 Medication Aide, 2 cr.
This 50 hour medical aide course is for certified Nurse Aides or Residential Attendants and prepares them to administer oral medication in long term care facilities, as outlined by the Iowa Department of Public Health.
HSC-151   Dosage Calculations, 1 cr. 
Dosage Calculations emphasizes the basic math skills and dosage calculations required of nurse professionals.  P/Q grading
HSC-153   Concepts in Pharmacology, 3 cr.
Concepts in Pharmacology introduces the student to concepts of drug actions and interactions. This course focuses on the principles of pharmacology and commonly utilized classifications of medications.
HSC-161   Normal Nutrition A, 1cr.
Building on basic knowledge of the nutrients this course explores current issues related to nutrition including consumer health, nutrition styles throughout the lifestyle, religious and cultural factors, weight control, and physical fitness.
HSC-163 Nutrition, 3 cr.
Provides the student with a basic background of the nutrients essential to maintain the physical and mental well-being of the human body. An overview of the digestive processes and the relationship to each group of nutrients is presented. Basic nutritional principles of food selection are studied with an emphasis on health promotion throughout the life cycle. Students examine their personal eating habits and identify ways to promote a health nutritional status. Topics include: digestion, lifecycle nutrition, energy/metabolism, sports, protein and weight management, heart disease and fat, diet, health and alcohol, diabetes and carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, food safety and world view of nutrition.
HSC-172 Nurse Aide, 3 cr.
The academic component of the program preparing persons for employment as a nurse aide in long term care and in skilled nursing units in Iowa’s Hospitals. The clinical component may be accomplished by completing HSC-177. Upon satisfactory completion of both course, which meet both federal and state requirements, the student is eligible to write the state-approved competency examination and skill test for certification.
HSC-177 Nurse Aide II, 3 cr.
Classroom and clinical experience combine to provide training in basic nursing skills, attitudes and understanding the role of the nurse aide. Prerequisite: HSC-172.
HSC-186 Human Growth and Development, 3 cr.
Exploration of the normal characteristics, physical, social and emotional development of individuals from infancy through the aged adult. This course will include a discussion of how the various theorists view the stages of growth and development through the lifespan.
HSC-187 Human Growth and Development – Adult, 1 cr.
An exploration of the normal characteristics, physical, social and emotional development of individuals from the young adult through the aged adult. This course will include a discussion of how various theorists view the stages of growth and development through the lifespan.
HSC-192 Emergency Preparedness, 1 cr.
This course focuses on knowledge and skills to prepare and respond in an emergency situation.  Students will receive training in basic infection control, first aid techniques, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and emergency preparedness for natural disasters. P/Q grading.
HSC-194 Rehabilitative/Restorative Aid, 3 cr.
Prepares persons who are working as nurse assistants with the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively provide rehabilitative therapies under the direction of a physical therapist or occupational therapist. Prerequisite: knowledge and skills at the nurse assistant level and experience working with chronically ill or aging residents or patients.
HSC-202 Health Informatics, 2 cr.
Health Informatics will provide an overview of basic computer skills as well as introduce the student to concepts related to information literacy and management. Utilization of informatics within the healthcare delivery systems including application of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) will be included. 
HSC-213   Concepts of Pathophysiology, 4cr.
Provides an in-depth analysis of the changes that occur in the human body as a result of disease or injury. Pathophysiologic concepts and common alterations occurring in the body systems will be defined and discussed. Interrelationships between risk factors, clinical signs, disease processes and medical treatment of common alterations will be analyzed. Prerequisites: BIO-168 & BIO-173
HSC-217 Introduction to Pathology, 3 cr.
This course is designed to provide the student with the body systems disease process by presenting the disorders, etiology, progression, signs and symptoms and standard approaches to diagnosis and treatment.
HSC-223 Human Relations, 2 cr.
Designed to promote understanding of human interactions, including motivation, emotion, intelligence, personality as well as social relations with application to the institutional setting and manager/employee and employee/employee relationships.
HSC-235 Supervision in Health Care, 2 cr.

Assists registered nurses and licensed practical nurses in gaining knowledge and developing skills useful in managing personnel and client care. 

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