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Health Care Administration (HCA)

HCA-110 Health Care Administration I, 3 cr.
This course is designed to provide the learner with a basic knowledge of the long term care environment and the administrator’s role in this environment. Historical perspective, organizational structure, human resource management, the health care environment, and management of quality and change will be emphasized.
HCA-111 Health Care Administration II, 3 cr.
Building on the team approach to providing services, this course will identify the types of service units with which the administrator will have contact and/or will manage. Each service unit will be examined in depth.
HCA-112 Health Care Administration III, 3 cr.
This course is designed to provide the learner with basic knowledge of building design, layout and facility maintenance; physical plant construction and financing. The Life Safety Building Code will be reviewed.
HCA-120 Legal and Political Aspects Health Care, 3 cr.
This course presents an overview of the legal issues facing the health care industry, in particular the nursing home industry. It provides students with a basic understanding of health care law and an overview of a wide variety of health care legal and political issues. Learners are provided with practical information of health law and its application to the working environment of health care administration.
HCA-125 Health Care Accounting, 1 cr.
Accounting as related to the health care industry including understanding financial statements and ratios; preparing an operating budget; using financial analysis to help with decision-making.
HCA-130 Communication With the Elderly, 3 cr.
The process of aging and its effects on communication behavior. An introduction to communication theories and principles as they apply to communication with the elderly. Skills and strategies for facilitating more satisfying and effective communication between the students and the elderly.
HCA-135 Gerontology, 3 cr.
Introduction to the issues and problems relating to the process of aging and the later stages of the adult life cycle. The physical aging process, the roles of the aged in our society and the complex psychological and sociological aspects of aging are covered.
HCA-163 Intro to Senior Living Communities, 3 cr.
This course is an introduction to assisted living, congregate and continuing-care retirement communities. It focuses on administration, resident services, marketing and sales, ancillary services and contracts.
HCA-280 Health Care Practicum I, 2 cr.
Examines the leadership role of the administrator and the processes of planning, organizing and directing for which an administrator is responsible. The purpose and use of policies and procedures in facility management are discussed.
HCA-281 Health Care Practicum II, 3 cr.
Examines the nature, scope and performance of each segment of the team providing services to the resident-client.
HCA-282 Health Care Practicum III, 2 cr.
Examines the planning, operation and maintenance of the physical plant, including planning for emergency situations.
HCA-283 Health Care Admin Practicum IV, 2 cr.
Exposes students to the legislative/political process, to state nursing home organizations and to the role of the administrator in the political arena.
HCA-284 Health Care Admin Practicum V, 2 cr.
Studies the sources of institutional revenue and expense.
HCA-285 Health Care Admin Practicum Vi, 1 cr.
Observation of all departments within residential care facilities, hospitals and other health care facilities.
HCA-946 Seminar, 1 cr.

Seminar for those planning to take the Iowa state board examinations for licensure. 

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