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Foreign Language-Spanish (FLS)

FLS-104   Spanish for Professionals, 2 cr.
This course is designed to provide non-Spanish speaking professionals with functional skills in Spanish. Spanish phrases, commands and questions practical to education are covered. No prior knowledge of Spanish necessary.
FLS-141  Elementary Spanish I, 4 cr.
Introduction to the Spanish language and culture; practice in all the basic skills.
FLS-142  Elementary Spanish II, 4 cr.
Continuation of FLS-141, which is a prerequisite.
FLS-241  Intermediate Spanish I, 4 cr.
Review and expansion of grammar, selected reading and further practice in oral and written communication. Prerequisite: FLS-142.
FLS-242  Intermediate Spanish II, 4 cr.

Continuation of FLS-241, which is a prerequisite. 

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