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Engineering Technology (EGT)

EGT-114 Introduction to Engineering Technology, 3 cr.
This course helps students explore the different areas of engineering and engineering technology. This course gives students a basic understanding of how to create and read engineering drawings. This course will also prepare students, using sketching, to extend perceptual and visualization skills which in turn will later serve the student in producing CAD drawings and in the design process.
EGT-117 Fluid Power Fundamentals, 2 cr.
This course will introduce students to the basic principles and components of fluid power systems. Students will also learn how to read fluid power schematics and troubleshoot basic systems.
EGT-137 Fluid Power Control, 4 cr.
This course covers maintenance and troubleshooting fluid power electrical controls such as relay logic, programmable controls and servo controls. Troubleshooting and maintenance of servo valves and proportional control valves as well as other fluid power components are covered. Logical control sequences are presented to instruct the student on the concepts used in industrial controls automation. Pre-Req: EGt 117 & ELT-125
EGT-139 Statics Engineering, 3 cr.
Statics Engineering is a course normally taken by engineering students or those seeking employment in engineering firms.  In statics, one studies methods for the determination of support forces and relationships between internal force distributions and external loads for stationary structures.  Co-requisite: PHY-212
EGT-146 Basic Hydraulics, 3 cr.
This course will introduce students to the basic structure and application of hydraulics.  Students will also learn how to read hydraulic schematics and troubleshoot basic hydraulic components.
EGT-932 Engineering Technology Practicum, 5 cr.
Provides on-the-job learning experience in the engineering-tech industry.  Prerequisite: Completion of Term 1 and Term 2 courses.
EGT-934 Engineering Technology Internship II, 4 cr.
Students will complete job contact experience in their field of choice. A minimum of 288 job contact hours is required by this 4-credit course.
EGT-946 Engineering Technology Internship I, 6 cr.
Students will complete job contact experience in their field of choice. A minimum of 432 job contact hours is required by this 6-credit course.
EGT-950 Engineering Technology Seminar, 2 cr.
The seminar will explore current trends, issues, and companies related to the area of study.  Students will have the opportunity to research one of these aspects to enhance their understanding of the implications and impact the industry has on their personal and societal goals.
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